Spring 2023 Letter from the President

Posted on May 1, 2023

Spring 2023

Dear Friends,

FlowersThe Arboretum Park Conservancy has been busy during the Arboretum’s Sesquicentennial. We continue to collaborate with the Arboretum and our municipal and community partners on the Roslindale Gateway Path Project. This proposed ADA-accessible shared-use path will extend the Southwest Corridor path from the Forest Hills MBTA Station to the Roslindale Village Commuter Rail Station, providing a carbon-free commuting option and connecting Bostonians with the natural environment close to their homes. Two new entrances to the Arboretum will provide welcoming access to Boston’s Emerald Necklace system of parks.

The Arboretum has succeeded in raising all the funds necessary to complete the design of the universally accessible canopy walk, an important phase in this project. It will pass over a large stormwater basin between trees in the narrowest part of the Bussey Brook Meadow and will connect Meadow visitors to Peters Hill.

The Arboretum Park Conservancy will be funding two new interpretive signs for the South Street and the Washington Street entrances. QR codes on each sign will connect visitors to the Arboretum’s Expeditions Mobile Tour. The Boston Public Works Department will reconstruct Arboretum Road to provide a safer, welcoming, and attractive access to the proposed Blackwell Path Extension entrance at the end of Arboretum Road. BPWD will remove parking and add ADA- compliant concrete sidewalks to both sides of the road, install six bike racks, and plant 12 shade trees in generously scaled 2.5’ by 10’ tree pits. This area is subject to flooding. BPWD will be installing a drainage system and catch basin to catch run off from the Blackwell Path Extension. Native trees will be planted on either side of the entrance.

We have enjoyed coordinating with the many entities involved with the Arboretum, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, the Boston Conservation Commission, the Boston Transportation Department, the Boston Public Works Department, WalkUP Roslindale, Rozzie Bikes, and the Livable Street Alliance/Emerald Network.

We hope we can depend on your support for our activities again this year.