Fall 2021-2022 Letter from the President

Posted on Dec 5, 2021

Fall 2021

Dear Friends,

FlowersAlthough things are not fully back to normal, the Arboretum Park Conservancy continues to pursue our goals. We are glad to tell you that the plan for the Blackwell Path Extension to Arboretum Road has been approved by the MBTA, the Boston Public Works Department and the Parks and Recreation Department. This new path will expand the path system in the Arnold Arboretum, and, of particular interest, will include a new welcoming entrance for the underserved neighborhoods that are a short walk from the Arboretum along Washington Street. The new 10-foot-wide path will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. $700,000 is available for 2022 path construction.

A universally accessible canopy walk is also in the works. It will pass over a large stormwater basin in the narrow part of the Bussey Brook Meadow and will connect the Meadow to Peters Hill. We were proud to have contributed $5000 to the Arboretum toward the canopy walk’s design. We continue to collaborate with the Arboretum and our municipal and community partners on raising funds for its design and construction.

We are also committed to funding a pollinator garden near the Washington Street Gate, around the stone entry sign that honors our founder, John Blackwell. We envision the plantings as a lovely addition to the approach to the path that will attract bees and butterflies.

We have enjoyed coordinating with the many entities involved with the Arboretum, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, the Boston Conservation Commission, and the Boston Transportation Department (BTD), the Boston Public Works Department, the MBTA, WalkUP Roslindale, Rozzie Bikes, a State Representative, a State Senator, and the Livable Street Alliance/Emerald Network.

We hope we can depend on your support for our activities again this year.